Mistborn: House War Promo Pack 1
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Mistborn: House War Promo Card Pack 1

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Add even more intrigue with these five promotional cards for use with Mistborn: House War!

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Up your game with these new promotional Personalities for Mistborn: House War! This 5-card set includes :


  • “The Stallion,” a very confused kandra whose antics can transform Favor into Disgrace;
  • 2 Terris Stewards, whose efforts yield extra Favor for those who collaborate with their peers;
  • and 2 Augurs, whose Allomancy allows players to reset their resources at an opportune time.


These Personalities can be used with the core set, or any expansion you wish.


NOTE: Mistborn: House War Promo Card Pack 1 is already bundled in every copy of the Mistborn: House War Prestige Edition; if you’ve purchased the Prestige Edition, you do not need to also purchase this product.

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Abigail Platter, Emanuele Desiati

Release Date

November 15, 2017


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