Classic Spycraft: The Silver Line Bundle
Spycraft Espionage HandbookModern Arms GuideSoldier-Wheelman Class GuideFixer-Pointman Class GuideFaceman-Snoop Class Guide1960s Decade BookAgencyMastermindU.S. MilitariesWorld MilitariesBattlegroundsGentlemen's Agreement

Classic Spycraft: The Silver Line Bundle

$79.85 $49.95

Get all 13 PDFs in the Classic Spycraft roleplaying line (Spycraft Espionage Handbook; Spycraft Game Control Screen; Modern Arms Guide; Soldier-Wheelman Class Guide; Fixer-Pointman Class Guide; Faceman-Snoop Class Guide; 1960’s Decade Book; Agency; Mastermind; US Militaries; World Militaries; Battlegroundss; and Gentlemen’s Agreement) at one great price!


Get all 13 books in the Classic Spycraft RPG line for over 35% off! This bundle includes the following PDFs, each fully compatible with the Shadowforce Archer product line:


  • Spycraft Espionage Handbook
  • Spycraft Game Control Screen
  • Modern Arms Guide
  • Soldier-Wheelman Class Guide
  • Fixer-Pointman Class Guide
  • Faceman-Snoop Class Guide
  • 1960’s Decade Book
  • Agency
  • Mastermind
  • US Militaries
  • World Militaries
  • Battlegrounds (military-themed adventures)
  • Gentlemen’s Agreement (mega-adventure)


Each PDF in this volume is fully bookmarked and cross-referenced, and is 100% DRM-free.


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