Run our RPGs at Gen Con 2018

Once again, Gen Con event submission is upon us. Crafty Games welcomes anyone to run our RPGs at the show, and we offer free goodies to all who do!

Eligible Games

Running anything we currently have in print qualifies for free stuff. Currently, that list includes…

  • Mistborn Adventure Game (any era)
  • Fantasy Craft
  • Little Wizards

Apologies, but Spycraft is currently out of print and therefore not eligible. Neither are our board & card games, as we focus on those at our booth in the exhibit hall.

What We Offer

For each hour your event runs, we offer $8 in credit you can spend at our Gen Con 2018 booth (maximum $40 in booth credit per event). Eligible events must allow for between 4 and 7 players, but the actual number of players has no impact on the total booth credit accrued.

This credit may only be claimed at Gen Con 2018, and is only valid for items we have in stock in the booth after your event is run. Some exceptions may apply, though anything you currently see in our online catalog should be available.

How to Submit & Run Your Event(s)

Please follow these steps. Important: Event submission ends March 10, 2018. Late event submissions will continue until summer but events submitted after March 10 stand a good chance of not being accepted.

  1. Please read through the Gen Con Resources we link to below.
  2. Put on your GM thinking cap and come up with the very best adventure you can! (Or simply run any adventure included in any of our official game products. That works, too.)
  3. Visit the Gen Con website, sign up for an account (if you don’t already have one), and submit your event through the online system. You are responsible for submitting your own event and working with the Gen Con staff to make sure it’s accepted through their system.
  4. Once your event is accepted and made public, email with a link to your event. This will not happen immediately. Events are accepted through the early summer, so this step may not happen for a while.
  5. At the convention, stop by our booth before your event so we can hand you promotional items to hand to your players. This will also be a good time to check on what’s available with your booth credit, and to say hi to our company & booth staff. We love to meet the folks helping us get the word out about our games!
  6. Have fun running your event! Make sure everyone has the best time possible, and don’t forget to hand out the promotional materials we provided. Also let all the players know where our booth is, and let them know we carry all our in-print items in the exhibit hall.
  7. Collect tickets from all players and bring them to our booth after your event. This is very important, as it’s how we verify the event was successfully run!
  8. After you spend your booth credit, turn in your events at GM HQ. Gen Con keeps careful track of all events, and tickets turned in is their means of knowing which events were run. If you don’t turn in your event tickets, you may not be welcome to run events at the show again in the future.

If your event starts before the exhibit hall opens, please email and we’ll work out a time to meet before the show. This will probably have to be early morning Thursday or Wednesday evening.

Gen Con Resources

The following are important documents prepared by Gen Con. Please read through these before submitting your event!

Gen Con Host page
Gen Con Event Host Policy
Tips & Hints for New GMs

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