Real Life

Dream Analysts Would Have a Field Day with Me

I don't remember most of my dreams but when I do they're sprawling epics to make the 70s cinematic masters proud. The casts are huge and are clearly following directorial cues. There's sometimes a score. The plots are complex with twists and turns aplenty - often ones I don't see coming. I've even had dreams that continued over multiple nights, miniseries-style.

Did I mention they're almost always fairly bleak? Take last night for example. It focused on a multi-day court case about a plane crash in which I was (presumably) the only survivor. I was testifying that not one but two different people had noticed instrument failure before takeoff and a corrupt judge who was somehow involved was trying to block me getting to the stand.

Happy Thanksgiving from Crafty Games!

From all of us at Crafty HQ to all of you and your families, have a wonderful holiday!

- The Crafty Games Staff

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