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How J.K. Rowling Saved Spycraft

As creators, we're always chasing magic. We're always hoping that something we put out there will connect with someone. We crave validation that isn't always evident in the cold dark that often comprises the bulk of the process. Because no matter what any of us tells you, we're all at least a little narcissistic. We have to be. It's how we connect with ourselves. It's how we conjure those ideas on the page, the screen, and the stage. If we're lucky, against-all-odds lucky, and we're very, very talented, we find magic, and those ideas stop being ours alone.

Broken Arrows, or "Whoops, I Nuked It Again" (Fallout Fans, Take Note)

If you've run an espionage game, chances are, at some point, a Big Bad has gotten hold of a nuclear weapon to threaten world peace/stability/financial structures/other important institutions. Even in this day and age, and maybe even because of the events of the day, nuclear destruction has returned to the popular consciousness, our parents' boogieman given new legs as "the dirty bomb" and fissile material." But take note, conspiracy theorists - there's reason to be nervous.


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