Come Play with Crafty: RinCon and NeonCon Schedules

We're just two weeks out from RinCon and five weeks out from NeonCon, Crafty's last two shows in 2010! Come meet the designers, pick up some new Fantasy Craft books, and jump into a playtest preview of Spycraft Third Edition!

>>click through for full schedules<<

Get Crafty at NeonCon - For Less!

Crafty Games' con season isn't even close to over! Come see us at NeonCon November 4-7 at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas! Pick up pre-release copies of new Fantasy Craft books, dive into a playtest preview of Spycraft Third Edition, mingle with our designers, and more!

Register now to get $20 off your three-day con badge (over 30% savings), and book a freshly renovated Island Room (typically $99 a night, or $119 on weekends) at the Garden Room price (only $69 a night, or $99 on weekends).

Here are your discount codes, courtesy of NeonCon and Crafty Games. Act now - these are good only for a limited time.

NeonCon Registration: CRAFTY10 (click here to register - apply the code at the bottom of ticket information)

Tropicana Booking: SNEON10 (click here to book - this link takes you directly to the discounted rate page)

Watch for our guest and event schedules, coming soon!

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