Crafty Games at Memorial Day Cons

This holiday weekend, get Crafty at two California conventions!

  • Patrick Kapera and Steve Hough will be at KublaCon! We'll have a booth in the dealer's hall and will be hosting Fantasy Craft and Spycraft Third Edition events.
  • Erik Yaple and Joe Kavanagh will be at Gamex! You can find us at the NeonCon booth in the dealer's hall, and running events in the RPG area.

Click through for event details...

Gen Con 2011: Crafty Games Events Are Go!

Gen Con event registration goes live this Sunday, May 1! Crafty Games has over 100 hours of all-new event programming this year, including our annual town hall meeting where we discuss everything and anything Crafty (and offer you the chance to get directly involved in the making of our products), an exciting Spycraft LARP, and events for Spycraft Third Edition, Fantasy Craft, Ten Thousand Bullets, and the Mistborn RPG.

Hope to see you there!

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