Sometimes Inspiration Wins

So I'm scripting some comments for a new (unannounced) licensee this morning and I fire up the World is Not Enough soundtrack, which is among my favorites in the Bond catalog, and it hits me: the cover of one of next year's products, who should do it, and how - all at once. I suspect we'll reveal this one with some fanfare, when the time is right, as it could become pivotal to the middle of next year's schedule - and a point of pride for all of us (including all of you).

Fantasy Craft Art Preview, Spycraft 2.0: Pocket Edition, and More!

Time for another wave of preview art from Fantasy Craft! This time around we're showcasing our Worlds chapter, where we give the GM all the tools he needs to build his ideal heartbreaker - and more. To get you started we're including two complete settings: Sunchaser and Epoch! Included in the preview are the Worlds chapter header and a Sunchaser piece by Ben McSweeney and City of Bones, a location piece from Epoch by Joseph Caesar Domingo. Enjoy!

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