Adventure Companion Preview: Sunchaser

The Adventure Companion preview has expanded once again, this time with excerpts and a full-size map from the Sunchaser setting. Sonic Legends will be releasing three new soundscapes for the same setting later today. Watch our feeds for details!

UPDATE! The final three soundscapes have been released! Happy listening, and stay Crafty!

Win the Adventure Companion Before Release!

Crafty Games will be pre-releasing the Adventure Companion at NeonCon in less than 3 weeks. The PDF will hit just ahead of the show but you could win a copy ahead of everyone else! How, you ask? Easy. We've just released a preview of Veronica Jones' amazing cover in our gallery. Those of you who clicked over immediately may notice it's chock full of trophies our kindly pech storyteller has collected over a lifetime of high adventure. There are fourteen in all, and each is plucked from images in previously released Fantasy Craft products. Identify as many as you can by product and page number, send them with your full legal name to and you're in the running! Three winners will be drawn at random from eligible entries, and each winner will receive a copy of the Adventure Companion PDF a week before its official release!

Looking for a hint or two? Head over to our Facebook Page and check out the Adventure Companion photo album, where Veronica breaks down the process of illustrating the cover, step by step (and if you've got an extra second, Like us while you're there).

The Adventure Companion print release hits stores everywere in November, and again, the PDF releases just before NeonCon. Hope to see you at the show, and good luck with your entries!


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