Crafty Games/Fantasy Craft featured on Atomic Array

Alex Flagg, Loren Dean, and Patrick Kapera talk about Fantasy Craft and the Mastercraft system in the latest episode of Atomic Array. Listen in here...

...and be sure to visit the Atomic Array website for a slew of new reviews and a special, limited-time $5.00 off discount code for the Fantasy Craft PDF!

Hip Deep in Awesome

Been quiet for a while but far from idle - tons accomplished on upcoming products for Fantasy Craft, Spycraft 2.0, World on Fire, and the long-awaited Ten Thousand Bullets. News on the closest of them soon, plus details about a really fun licensed product that's been brewing. In the meantime, check out these sites for the latest and greatest Crafty Games coverage (it's like we're newsworthy or something).

Robot Viking: Interview with Alex Flagg and Patrick Kapera (plus a Fantasy Craft review)
Ikosa Magazine: Fantasy Craft preview (in French)
Life and Times of a Phillipine Gamer: First impressions and practical game examples (sample characters, NPCs, and worlds, plus a visual guide to the descriptive armor rules)

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