Shameless Promotion

New Bag Full of Guns Release!

Crafty Games is proud to release Bag Full of Guns: This is my Gun, a new Toolkit product containing the latest and greatest U.S. military hardware! Field a set of Dragon Skin armor or the cutting edge Land Warrior system! Take your enemies down with an Auto-Assault 12 machine shotgun or the XM-109 Objective Sniper Weapon. All this and more awaits you in this rapid-fire rules upgrade for your Spycraft 2.0 game! And if you still haven't picked up the prequel, This is my Rifle, there's no better time because we've bundled them together for additional savings! Own the battlefield of the future today!

Spycraft to be Translated into German!

The plot for world domination continues! Crafty Games and Mongoose Publishing have reached a joint agreement with Ulisses Spiele to publish a German-language edition of the wildly popular Spycraft 2.0 and World on Fire! For more information, visit their official Spycraft forum (also in German).

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