Shameless Promotion

Spycraft to be Translated into German!

The plot for world domination continues! Crafty Games and Mongoose Publishing have reached a joint agreement with Ulisses Spiele to publish a German-language edition of the wildly popular Spycraft 2.0 and World on Fire! For more information, visit their official Spycraft forum (also in German).

New Classic Spycraft Releases and Discounts!

Crafty Games is proud to release U.S. Militaries, World Militaries, and Battlegrounds, the last three silver titles for Classic Spycraft! To commemorate the occasion, we've permanently reduced the price of all Classic Spycraft titles by $2.50 each and bundled the entire silver line at a substantial discount for one quick and easy purchase! Buy the silver series and get the award-winning Spycraft Espionage Handbook and the 1960s Decade Book for free!

For more information, visit our web store!

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