Shameless Promotion

Fantasy Craft PDF Preview: Damage Types!

For those of you who couldn't make it to GenCon Indy... shame on you! Shame, shame... At the show Crafty Games offered the first glimpse of Mastercraft in action with over 25 pages of Fantasy Craft in full layout - including the entire Combat chapter! Now, we didn't want the folks at home to be entirely left out (shame), so we've prepared a little taste of what's in store: Damage Types. Not only is this the perfect example of how Mastercraft is different, it also offers a gander at Fantasy Craft's retro-licious layout!

Classic Spycraft: Final Three Titles Released!

Crafty Games is proud to bring you the last three books in the Shadowforce Archer line - and the last three titles in the award-winning Classic Spycraft series. The European Commonwealth Chamber Book, the African Alliance Chamber Book, and The Shop Threat Book are all on sale now!

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