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Crafty Summit 2010

It's just eight hours to Pat boarding a plane for Crafty HQ, where he and Alex will be brewing all manner of awesome (and a little bit o' WHATTHEHELLISTHAT?) at this year's Crafty Summit. For those of you who haven't been around when we do these, it's basically the Crafty partners' chance to take a mindwalk and see what we stumble across. There's usually a bit of an agenda - this year it's mostly about Spycraft Third Edition and Ten Thousand Bullets, with a bit of Mistborn and LGW for good measure - but really, anything can and will come up. Expect the blog to be punctuated with bits of flotsam, jetsam, and other misc. debris along the stream of consciousness over the next 10 days or so, and then.... GEN CON!!! (We'll be blogging live from the show as well, so stay tuned - there's lots of goodness to come.)

Deadline Looms: Adventure Companion - Part 1

Since Pat's been blogging of late, and I'm in a bit of a mental logjam after a beautiful 10 days visiting family and friends, I thought I'd offer a peek under the curtain with my current project - finishing off Fantasy Craft's second supplement, the Adventure Companion. Currently, I'm at about T-minus 7 days to finish the last chapters of the book - I've edited the Epoch and Sunchaser chapters and turned them in for final edits/layout, so it's all about sticking a knife into the Cloak & Dagger mini-setting and the rules-tastic Chapter 4: New Character Options.

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