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Crafty Summit: Day 2 - "Pixie: The Sprinkling"

This and "Leprechaun: The Marshmallowing" appear to be what happens when Alex can't remember the real name of Changeling: The Dreaming. Such are the diversions from real work at this year's Crafty Summit (though we were actually discussing Mastercraft, and specifically Spycraft Third and 10kB, mechanics when the tangent occurred). Yestersday was highly productive, actually - we propped up the spines of two new systems for modern that we've wanted in Spycraft since Classic, and found ways to both consolidate and sttrengthen several Fantasy Craft rules for contemporary play. It's good timing, too, as this lets us slip in some of that for unofficial playtesting at Gen Con. Hope to see you there!

Crafty Summit: Day 1

First day of the summit is done and we're winding down (well, I am - Alex is already asleep, the bastard). Today's agenda involved a series of last-minute items for Gen Con Indy (that'll happen a lot this trip, methinks), a review of the forwarded Time of High Adventure proofs, and a lengthy discussion on new classes, lethality, and genre emulation that produced what I hope will be the foundation of something really special in Spycraft Third (and 10kB). Gen Con attendees will see a little of it in action in our demos and events, and I imagine it'll be a big topic of discussion at our seminar on Thursday night at the show (7pm, at the Marriott Indiana Ballroom C). Anyone who's going should definitely attend BTW - it'll be your first chance not only to learn about modern Mastercraft but also to directly influence its development. More soon but for now, Stay Crafty!

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