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Post-GenCon Progress: Adventure Companion in Edits!

The post-GenCon hangover is finally fading! The final chapter of the Adventure Companion is now on Pat's desk for edit - w00t! The current tally for Chapter 4 (pre edits and cutting for space) is over 25,000 words of crunchy goodness, including...

8 Specialties
2 Base Classes
6 Expert Classes
4 Master Classes (a Fantasy Craft first!)
128 feats (69 of which are Species feats - something for everybody!)
47 tricks and advanced actions
4 Paths
4 Campaign Qualities

...and that's not including the 3 (very cool, if I do say so myself) settings that come in the first three chapters, or any of the bits to support them, either! Whether you're a tinkerer, a fluff-monkey, or a GM looking to kick off your new campaign, you'll find the Adventure Companion a supplement worth waiting for! The AC is currently on track for an October release, to follow Time of High Adventure.

Crafty Games at Gen Con 2010!

Get Crafty at Gen Con 2010!

Will you be at Gen Con 2010? We will, and we're bringing a bigger and better game than ever before!

  • For the first time, Crafty Games has a booth (#320C, in the Studio 2 block). Stop by anytime to demo Fantasy Craft, chat with owner-designers Alex Flagg or Patrick Kapera about the future of your favorite game lines (we'll be there most often in the mornings), or pick up one or both of our new books!
  • Speaking of books, Gen Con's our premiere show for Fantasy Craft Second Printing (including all errata and upgrades to date) and Time of High Adventure. Pick them up together and get 10% ($5.00) off the core book. Use your punched Infrno sign-up sheet (in your GenCon bag, given to you when you enter the convention) for an additional 10% off!
  • For those who can't attend, we'll also be tweeting from the show - check it out on our front page or at the Crafty Games Gen Con tweetfeed!
  • For the very latest information about Spycraft Third, Ten Thousand Bullets, and more, plus a chance to directly influence development for our modern Mastercraft games, stop by our "Declassified" seminar on Thursday night (7pm, at the Marriott Indiana Ballroom C). We have a few surprises in store, so you won't want to miss it!

Hope to see you there!

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