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How do I sign up to playtest Spycraft products?

We're glad you asked! We're always looking for talented folks to play our games and give us advance feedback. As a general rule, the most important traits any qualified playtester must possess include...

I want to make a third-party Spycraft product. Where do I start?

The Powered by Spycraft license was created to allow third-party developers to create their own products using the Spycraft ruleset and join the Spycraft family of products.  The program grants the use of the Powered by Spycraft logo, and with review, can lead to inclusion in the Living Spycraft MRD. Such reputable publishers such as Paradigm Concepts, Adamant Entertainment and Reality Deviant Publications have signed up and are producing product now. To get started, contact Crafty Games for more information today!

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