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Sometimes Inspiration Wins

So I'm scripting some comments for a new (unannounced) licensee this morning and I fire up the World is Not Enough soundtrack, which is among my favorites in the Bond catalog, and it hits me: the cover of one of next year's products, who should do it, and how - all at once. I suspect we'll reveal this one with some fanfare, when the time is right, as it could become pivotal to the middle of next year's schedule - and a point of pride for all of us (including all of you).

Crafty Games Seminar: GenCon 2009

For all of you who couldn't attend the Best Four Days in Gaming this year, and those who made it but couldn't attend our annual seminar, we bring you a complete and unedited recording of the event!

Crafty Games Seminar: GenCon 2009

Many thanks to our A/V guy, Jim, for bringing his gear and making this happen!

EDIT: Our partners at Pen & Paper Games also made an audio recording of the seminar, which you can find here!

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