Game Design

Form of... Tequila! Shape of... A Pink Elephant!

Just sent Alex a stack of drafted spells to review, including the Polymorph chains (plural), which are based on revised concepts he and I cobbled earlier this week. Phylactery's also in there, and might I say that one's gonna get play in some really wicked campaigns (it's a story-based spell, similar to the Wish chain, though with a fair bit more mechanical text). Soul Bind's in there, plus the Enlarge and Shrink chains, which got the hairy eyeball given all the zany we've seen with Size abuses in the core book. Plus Clone and the other alternate form spells. Big chunk of work done done DONE! As usual, these things tend to come together quickly once the founding concepts are in place. Spellbound grimoire's currently at 45k and climbing with maybe 70% of the work done. Woot!

Crafty Games Joins the (RPG) Circus

A couple days ago Alex and Pat grumbled something unintelligible and hitched a ride in an rainbow-colored car reeking of cabbage. We haven't seen them since but we did get this strange link in our email this morning. The message said the recording would repeat on GeekRadio Monday, November 16, at 1pm EST. We're not sure what to make of it but we're prepared to pay a ransom in the zillions of rubles for their return. Well no, not really. We can't back that up... Maybe a well maintained and only slightly battered toaster?

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