A Horrifying Treat For Halloween: Fragile Minds Releases!

It’s that time of year again, when Things That Shouldn’t Be go bump in the night and the only ones brave or foolish enough to hunt them down, go white as sandblasted bone, and run screaming to the nearest antique book shoppe are your characters!

"We have 30 levels, too. We just ignore the first 10."

It's good to be back in the groove. By tradition, the week after GenCon's always chaotic, but this year's been especially interesting. We learned a lot this year about how to best run a show, what needs to happen to really take the company to the next level, and most importantly, some of the pitfalls to avoid in the future. The next few months promise to be some of the most challenging and yet rewarding of our professional careers, and a turning point for Crafty Games. But more on that later. Right now, let's chat a bit about the state of things today.

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