Happy New Year!


It's been a landmark year for Crafty Games and you're all a very important part of that. Ask any of the partners what's been different about the holidays since we started this enterprise and I think their first response would be that our family is larger now. We're a global company with friends in every corner of the world, and every time a story comes in from a far-off table it feels a litlte like we're there with you, cheering your teams on. This New Years, we'd like to thank you for all the great memories and make a few resolutions for the coming year.

Crafty Christmas: Bonus Mission - Twas the Night Before Deathmas!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the World on Fire... We've got a special single-scene mission for all you Banshees and Patriots! Twas the Night Before Deathmas wasn't quite ready in time for the Twelve Days promotion, but it was close enough that we decided to put the finishing touches on it so you could relive the spirited violenc- er, magic of the holiday! Go get your copy today!

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