[Crafty Games] Volunteer with us at KublaCon and Gen Con Indy


Crafty Games is seeking volunteers to run games at KublaCon 2012, and to run games and man the booth at Gen Con Indy 2012

  • At KublaCon we offer a badge to anyone who runs six or more hours of events, as well as booth or online store credit based on the number of games you run for us. 
  • At Gen Con we offer a badge and booth or online store credit, plus crash space for anyone who volunteers for the whole weekend (act fast if you're interested in a full-time spot - those go fast). 

Interested parties should shoot us an email at pat@crafty-games.com. Let us know which of our games you're already familiar with and those you're willing to learn, along with your availability for the weekend. 

Thanks, and Stay Crafty! 

Crafty Games at DunDraCon This Weekend

Join us in the Bay Area for some good ol' fashioned gamin'! 

Patrick Kapera (Crafty_Pat) and Steve Hough (Crafty_Steve) will be at DunDraCon this weekend, wheelin' and dealin' in the exhibit hall and runnin' Fantasy Craft for you, dear reader, and five of your closest friends (well, it could be you and your friends if you make it to the show). 

DunDraCon is a wonderful slice of roleplaying heaven, with tons of awesome homebrews and professional games on display everywhere, a warm and welcoming dealer's room, a bountiful and diverse flea market, and some of the nicest gamers you're likely to meet anywhere. The show also does a great job showcasing all the other corners of gaming but it's got roleplaying at its heart, and that's why we love it so much. 

We're very excited to head back to San Ramon and hope you'll all join us there. See you soon!

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