Crafty Games: It's Christmas in July!

It's that time of the year again... It's Christmas in July!

From now until August 1, ALL Crafty PDF products are on sale for a whopping 25% off!

If you've been putting off bulking up your Spycraft collection or are looking to grab some new Fantasy Craft material, this is the perfect time to treat yourself.

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[Powered by Fantasy Craft] Call of the Crow

Reality Blurs has released the latest installment in its Old School Fantasy series of adventures for Fantasy Craft...

In the harbor city of Steelport, many secrets lurk down darkened alleys and behind shadowy storefronts. It is a city known for its seedy inhabitants and shady dealings, but rarely do the affairs of the underworld spill out onto the streets. Recently, however, an upstart gang of thieves calling themselves the Blades of the Crow have begun making a name for themselves, killing off their competition, and peddling dangerous drugs to the poorest of the poor. A bedraggled innkeeper, his wife recently kidnapped, needs a group of stalwart heroes to stem this deadly new tide of corruption.

Grab your copy here!

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