New Product - Agent X: One-Man Army!

"Twenty of them and one of me? I like those odds..."

One-Man Army is the first installment of the Agent X Toolkit series, bringing new and exciting classes and supporting character options to your game! It presents an indomitable, two-fisted force of nature, the ultimate action hero designed to plow through all opposition with blood on his hands and a satisfied grin across his face. Also included is the new Partner feat tree, giving any team the edge against even the most insurmountable odds. Pound someone to paste today!

World on Fire: For Your Consideration Sale!

World on Fire presents a savage, uncompromising view of one possible present where spies and soldiers become the architects of an uncertain future...

In honor of World on Fire's ENnie nomination for Best Electronic product and to help folks make their very important voting decision, we're going to be offering the World on Fire PDF at $5.00 off during the voting period (July 21 to August 3).

In the meantime, we'd like to remind everyone that nominations are now being taken for Best Publisher. If you're so inclined, we'd love to get your nod at any of the following sites...

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