Print Release: Fantasy Craft Second Printing

Fantasy Craft Second Printing arrives on store shelves this week. Please stop by your Friendly Neighborhood Gaming Store to pick up your copy.

Fantasy Craft is carried by all major distributors, so if your store isn't stocking the line or has run out of the rulebook, please direct them to their distributor of choice to place an order. Failing that, stores and individuals can order direct from our fulfillment partners at Studio 2 Publishing.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Crafty Games Interviews from Gen Con 2010

Our friends from Stargazer's World, Gamer's Haven, and Troll in the Corner stopped by to interview us at Gen Con. Great times were had, and there was much talk of upcoming projects - and more. Check it out!

Gamer's Haven: Audio Interview

Troll in the Corner: Audio Interview

Stargazer's World: Video Interview

Thanks again to Michael, Ethan, Tracy, Celine, and everyone who works behind the scenes to make these sites so awesome.

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