GenCon Indy Update

As of this morning, it looks - looks - like we'll have a very small number of books at GenCon. It's far from a lock yet, but everyone involved in working as hard as possible to make it happen. If the books do make it to the show, we're looking at something like 20 copies of each, so get to the Mongoose booth early if you want to secure your copy.

Also, be sure to stop by the Crafty Games seminar on Friday evening. We're going to be making a major announcement there that you won't want to miss. :)

Rumor Control: Second Printing and World on Fire

Late last night, we completed the latest round of revisions on both Second Printing and World on Fire. It was a good evening. :)

Both books have been transmitted to Mongoose and we've already started to see comments back. It looks like the initial notes are minor and should be something that we can overcome quickly. Now comes the big test: Will the next round of galleys be the last?

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