New Operational Manual Now Declassified

Communiqué from HQ: new Spycraft operational manual, Declassified: SHADOW PLAY, is available at friendly local gaming depots everywhere. Check your nearest handler for availability. Full dossier available at End transmission.
(Plain English - Spycraft Declasified: Shadow Play is available at gaming stores everywhere this week! Pick yours up today!)

Fantasy Craft: Is That the Finish Line? Must be a Mirage.


Adventure Building typeset and (with World Building) passed along to our visual maestro, Steve Hough, for the final polish. That's half the last chapter in layout. Now to edit the remainder of Running Fantasy Craft and get it in line behind the other kids (this Death Bus leaves *no one* behind!). After that it's a whirlwind weekend of resizing interior pages (more on that later), writing the intro and back cover text, indexing, building the TOC, replacing XXs, and all that other 11th hour stuff. Yes folks, this is lookin' like a bonafide END GAME. :)

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