Crafty Christmas Day 11: Godspawn Preview!


“They gave up Heaven to conquer Hel.”

Hush child. The pain will soon pass. Tears are not for your kind. You are not weak, you are not fragile, and though you may wish otherwise, you are not mortal.

I know, it’s confusing. You have a mother and a father and memories of a normal childhood. You were born to us, it’s true, and we are quite human, but the blood coursing through your veins is nothing short of divine. You are a child of the stars. You are Starborn. Let me explain...

Crafty Christmas Day 10: Assassin Preview!


Down to the last three days and we just couldn't keep this one under wraps any longer. In fact, we're afraid he's escaped and might be headed, well, to your area. Should you spot him on the street - not that you will - but should you, avoid eye contact and immediately proceed to the nearest crowded area. It won't keep you alive if you're actually his target, but it'll maybe ensure there's a body to bury. No, wait, it won't help there, either. You're screwed, sucka!

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