Classic Spycraft: Triple Release (and a freebie)!

Crafty Games has just released three Classic Spycraft books in PDF - the Faceman/Snoop Class Guide, the Fixer/Pointman Class Guide, and the Gentlemen's Agreement Season Book - each saved from the original work files and extensively bookmarked!

Happy New Year!


It's been a landmark year for Crafty Games and you're all a very important part of that. Ask any of the partners what's been different about the holidays since we started this enterprise and I think their first response would be that our family is larger now. We're a global company with friends in every corner of the world, and every time a story comes in from a far-off table it feels a litlte like we're there with you, cheering your teams on. This New Years, we'd like to thank you for all the great memories and make a few resolutions for the coming year.

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