Crafty Games 2008 Summer Show Event Schedules


Origins events are locked and GenCon events have (largely) been sorted. We're still waiting on final confirmation, but it's reasonably safe to announce our event schedules for the 2008 summer shows. Check them out on our Events page!

Of note: the GenCon seminar's always a hit and we should have a bunch of new stuff to show off there (though it's too far out to even hint at what), and you'll want to consider attending the Special Ops and/or LARP events. Both promise to be something really special. :)

Another Classic Spycraft Triple Play! 1960s, Agency, and Mastermind Release!

Play the Great Game with the one you love! This Valentine's Day Crafty Games is proud to release three more of its Classic Spycraft titles: The 1960s Decade Book, the Agency setting and rules expansion, and Mastermind, your guide to all things criminal in the world of high-espionage!

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