The Big Score Postponed One Week

Releasing any product comes with a certain amount of hype, and that's doubly so when it's a hotly anticipated toolkit like The Big Score. Given what Crafty Games expects to rightfully be a somber tone in the RPG industry after the passing of beloved D&D co-creator Gary Gygax, we have respectfully decided to postpone our latest product by one week. The Big Score will now release on March 13.

Our deepest condolences go out to Gary's family, and to all out there who will miss him as much as we.

Good journey, sir, and thank you for making this wonderful adventure we all continue to play.

Celebrate GM's Day With Crafty Games!

This GM's Day, Crafty Games is proud to announce sales on many of its acclaimed products - and the release of a highly anticipated supplement: The Big Score!

For three full days, March 4 to March 6, Crafty Games will discount a mighty grip of products...

  • Fragile Minds, our cosmic horror supplement, will be 1/3 off! Pick up your copy for only $5.00!
  • All Classic Spycraft titles will be 40% off! Pick up the original Spycraft line at its biggest discount ever!

...and on March 6, Crafty Games will release the latest of its toolkit PDFs, The Big Score, which offers three all-new upgrades for the Spycraft 2.0 gear pick rules...

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