Let Sonic Legends be your Companion in Adventure

If you've been watching our blog this month you might have heard samples from Sonic Legends' glorious score composed just for the settings in the Adventure Companion. Today they've released the last set of three and the collection is complete. Head over and check out their tracks - these are in our opinion their very finest work yet.

Empirial Citizens:
Music by Matthew Steckler
Music by Joe Matzzie
Trouble in the Empire:
Music by Christy Carew
Get all three in the discounted Cloak & Dagger Soundscape Bundle

Children of the Dawn:
Music by Christy Carew
Keepers of the Gate:
Music by Randin Graves
The Old Ways:
Music by Erika Lieberman
Get all three in the discounted Epoch Soundscape Bundle

The Crone's Army:
Music by Alex Kovacs
People of the River Valley:
Music by Christy Carew
The Sunchasers:
Music by Erika Lieberman
Get all three in the discounted Sunchaser Soundscape Bundle

The Adventure Companion is Crafty Games' latest release for the acclaimed Fantasy Craft RPG. It's available now in PDF and will hit store shelves in early December. Want more info? Check out what people are saying...

Fantasy Craft Gets Iron on Infrno


So cool... From Matt Grau, CEO over at our partner site, Infrno...

Competition at NeonCon 2010's Iron GM contest was fierce, but one man stood above them all when the day was done. That man is Kassil Roshah.

Despite the fact that Kassil and his players were from all over and there was no way they could continue playing face to face, they wanted to keep their Fantasy Craft game going. Enter Infrno!

"The guys had such a blast at Iron GM | Neoncon that they wanted to keep playing; and they were the ones who said 'Hey, Infrno's cool, let's use it.' And I have to agree - the inbuilt VTT is pretty handy to have, along with the profiles and blogs for PCs," shared Kassil.

And let's face it -- if you're playing with an Iron GM champion, you probably want to keep the game going. :)

It warms our hearts to see Infrno doing what we created it to do -- connect people so that you can play the games you want to play, with the people you want to play with! It's a big win for Infrno and a big win for the players of the Shadows of Anlen!

And congratulations to Kassil Roshah, the NeonCon 2010 Iron GM Champion!

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