Adventure Companion in Stores January 17

The Adventure Companion for Fantasy Craft ships from Studio 2 next week and should be in all U.S. stores by the week after. Given what we've seen in the past, customers abroad should see it no later than January 24.

Retailers interested in stocking the book are encouraged to contact Studio 2 with orders, and customers interested in picking it up should stop in at their FLGS and request a copy (the earlier the better, as it helps the store gauge interest, and hopefully gets them to keep it in stock). If you like, you can download one of our easy order cards and simply fill in your name and contact info, checking the boxes for the books you want.

New Year, Time for Some Fresh Digs

Welcome, friends, to 2011. It's the future in action, the start of our sixth year in operation and we've quite a bit in store for you, including tons of new product for Fantasy Craft, the releases of not one, not two, but three new RPGs, and still loads more. We couldn't be more excited about this year, but we're also sure you're out there saying, "Sure, but what if I want more now?" Plus, judging from the explosive activity we've seen on the License to Improvise forums, there are clearly more than a few of you chomping at the bit to show off some of your own Fantasy Craft creations. Well you're in luck, because today sees the launch of the Fantasy Craft Database, your home away from home for fan-generated Fantasy Craft content - everything from character options to adventure seeds, NPCs, maps, and more.

Have you perfected that micro-setting with your home group and want to show it off to the world? Are you excited about that expert class you've run through the paces on our boards? Head on over and submit your best! Looking for a few new ideas or edges to exploit at your tables? Check out what's already up. The fine moderators over at the FCDB await your arrival.

Have fun, and stay Crafty!

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