February Appearances and Events

Come out and game with us in February! Here's where you can find us this month...

GottaCon (February 4-6, Victoria BC): Once again we're sponsoring GottaCon and show volunteers will be running our events all weekend. Stop by con HQ for details.

DundraCon (February 18-21, San Ramon CA): Stop by our booth to pick up the latest Fantasy Craft releases and chat with Patrick Kapera, Erik Yaple, and Steve Hough., or dive into one of our Play with the Creators events...

  • Saturday 10am: Spycraft Third Edition (playtest preview)
  • Sunday 10am: Fantasy Craft

OrcCon (February 18-21, Los Angeles, CA): Crafty Games volunteers will be running Fantasy Craft events all weekend long...

  • Friday 8pm, Saturday 8pm, Sunday 2pm: "Monster Mash": The great showman Prichard Archibald is in town with his Challenge of Champions, a gauntlet of monsters ready to challenge a party of Heroes. Bring an idea for a monster, we'll build it, then the whole party will fight it. Can you survive the monsters of your own imagination?  
  • Saturday 2pm, Sunday 8pm: "A Time for Heroes": The King is dead, long live the King. Tradition requires that as a member of the King's Guard you get buried with the King in three days unless you can bring the killer to justice. Can you come together to find the culprit?

Get Crafty at GenCon Indy 2011


Crafty Games has more planned for Gen Con 2011 than ever before, including our first full booth and events for Fantasy Craft, Spycraft Third Edition, Ten Thousand Bullets, and the highly anticipated Mistborn RPG. It doesn't all come together easily, of course, and we're going to need your help to make it all happen, so we're looking for volunteers to become Crafty Games Agents at the show! We offer a variety of benefits, including...

  • Free 4-day badge
  • Partial room compensation
  • Discounts on all our products
  • A spot at our company dinner (which is always a highlight of the show for us, and this year promises to be something pretty special)
  • The inside track with the Crafty Crew!

If you're interested, please drop us a line at pat@crafty-games.com with your name and availability. We're primarily after folks who can commit at least half the weekend, but we'd love to hear from anyone willing to help out.

See you a the show!

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