Little Wizards Nominated for an ENnie - Vote Today!

Vote for Little WizardsCrafty Games is proud to announce our introductory RPG for kids and families, Little Wizards, has been nominated for Best Family Game in the 2014 ENnie Awards! In addition, Crafty is up for Fan Favorite Publisher (thanks to you!). As always, we are honored and humbled to be held in such esteeemed company, but the competition this year is fierce and we're looking for your support! 

You can go vote for Little Wizards for Best Family Game and Crafty Games for Favorite Publisher right here. But remember: voting is only open from July 20 to July 30, so don't delay!

Thanks again for another great year - we look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks at Gen Con!

Alex & Pat
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Terris: Wrought of Copper Now Available!



The first supplement for the smash-hit Mistborn Adventure Game!

The remote lands of the Terris Dominance are the oldest and most mysterious region of Scadrial, predating the Final Empire itself. For over a thousand years, the proud Terris people have endured brutal systematic oppression by the Lord Ruler, guided and counseled by the shadowy Keepers and protected by their unique power of Feruchemy. But why have they survived, and what is their plan? There’s always another secret…
Terris: Wrought of Copper is an essential supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game, designed for players, Narrators, and fans of the Mistborn novels. Developed in cooperation with Brandon Sanderson, this guide expands the canon of the novels, providing a detailed look at the history of the Terris Dominance and its people. Inside you’ll find a guide to the city of Tathingdwen, the heart of Terris society, as well as an exploration of both the secretive Terris Synod and the nascent Terris Resistance, plus all-new insights into the awesome power of Feruchemy.
For players of the Mistborn Adventure Game, there’s a bevy of new rules for creating and playing your own Terris Hero, including new Stunts, equipment, metalminds, and a new ability: Networks!
Also included is an epic adventure, Justice, like Ash, which sweeps your Crew into events that shake the Final Empire to its very foundations! A powerful Obligator has been murdered, a Terrisman stands accused as the killer, and it’s up to you to uncover the truth. Your hunt will take you from the paved streets of Luthadel to the ancient cobblestones of Tathingdwen and the farthest reaches of the Terris Dominance. Can you catch the culprit before the Lord Ruler’s wrath is unleashed across Terris? The fate of an entire people rests on your shoulders… 
Who the Book's For
Fans of the Mistborn novels looking for new insights into the Final Empire; players and Narrators of the Mistborn Adventure Game; or gamers who love fine indie RPGs like FATE Core, Savage Worlds, or Dogs in the Vineyard.

Print Edition
This beautiful black and white perfect bound volume, presented in 6 x 9 format, is packed with illustrations and is a perfect addition to every Mistborn fan's bookshelf or game table.

Digital Edition
This PDF version of Terris: Wrought of Copper includes the same content as the Print Edition, is fully hyperlinked, bookmarked, and cross-referenced, and features layers you can turn off for easy printing. This file is 100% DRM free.
Print + Digital Bundle (Direct Order Only)
The ultimate package for Mistborn fans and players everywhere, this version includes the Print Edition and Digital Edition for just $5 more than the print book!
New to the Mistborn Adventure Game?
If you've never played the Mistborn Adventure Game, or are new to gaming in general, fear not! You can also order the core rulebook directly from our webstore, or at fine hobby stores everywhere! Check out our Mistborn Adventure Game sales page for more information.
Ready to Learn More?
Don't take our word for it - take a look for yourself! Visit the Mistborn Adventure Game downloads page to check out a full preview of Terris: Wrought of Copper and other Mistborn resources, including character sheets, interactive tools, and sample Heroes!
Both the Digital and Print Editions are now available. Crafty Games ships once a week, and all orders are filled in the order they are received. Direct orders placed through Monday are sent out in the same week. Orders placed Tuesday through Friday are sent out the following week. Faster shipping options speed delivery times after a product is shipped but do not change the estimated shipping date.
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