The Cleansing of Black Spur

Fifty years ago, Black Spur Keep was overrun. Though none survived, something dwells there still...

All roads may lead to Valespire but none visit Black Spur. Indeed, all but one were built miles around it, isolating the area by High Church decree. The tellers speak of the Spur's evil but never its history, which was scoured from the great scrolls and forbidden to the people of the Realm. What terrible secrets are sealed there, and why has the Church suddenly taken new interest?

The Cleansing of Black Spur is a full-length Fantasy Craft adventure for a party of any composition. Sliding DCs and adversaries scale to challenge any level, allowing you to run the adventure for new or veteran characters.

Soundscapes! Our friends at Sonic Legends have composed six original soundscapes for this adventure, each a loopable blend of orchestral music and sound effects. Visit their website to pick them up today! UPDATE! Sonic Legends has set up a discounted bundle so you can pick up all six soundscapes for only $15.00!

Terrain Bundles! We've also partnered with Fat Dragon Games to bring you three discounted bundles containing this adventure and terrain that's a perfect fit!

Includes an original map and handout, plus layers so you can turn the cover, page frames, handouts, and maps off when printing. Stat sheets are also included so you can quickly and easily prep and run NPCs and monsters.



Product Information
22 pages
PDF release
Fantasy Craft
Loren Dean
Loren Dean, Jeff Preston, Chad Segesketter
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