Call to Arms: Monk

The Call to Arms series brings exciting new classes and other character options to your Fantasy Craft table. This installment presents the Monk, who champions his beliefs through mastery and commitment to a core set of ideals. In a world of compromise and pragmatism, the Monk is a paragon of virtue - and his fidelity is rewarded with supernatural powers well beyond his mortal ken.
Depending on the campaign, a Monk could be...

• An acolyte of an ancient order, harnessing spiritual energy from within and without
• A high-flying wuxia hero, sworn to protect the weak and defenseless
• A patriotic champion whose devotion to country fuels battlefield miracles
• A spiritual scholar whose meditations on the nature of reality help him bend it to his will
• A wandering pauper ministering to those suffering the yoke of oppression
• A combat-trained philosopher compelled to correct the world's many flaws
• An ideological peacemaker, out to resolve the ancient feuds dividing his people
• An exemplar of faith, whose purity of body and spirit are an example to all

This expert class expansion also includes four new Paths and an Unarmed Combat feat chain allowing mastery of the mysterious force called qi!

This file is layered so you can turn the cover and page frames off when printing.

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Call to Arms
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