Call to Arms: Martial Artist

The Call to Arms series brings exciting new classes and other character options to your Fantasy Craft table. This installment presents the Martial Artist, who wages a beautiful, bloody dance across the battlefield, keeping tempo with a dazzling array of graceful maneuvers and crushing assaults. He marries inner peace with intense personal discipline, achieving a level of physical perfection envied by the most accomplished swordsmen and most veteran soldiers in the land. His singular focus and lifelong dedication awaken unique abilities rarely seen among more traditional warriors, giving him a marked edge over the competition.
Depending on the campaign, a Martial Artist could be...

• A student of the fist, walking the earth to solve problems and assist the innocent
• A cocky swordsman, eager to test his blade against all comers
• A cloistered monk dedicated to mastering body and mind
• A thuggish brawler with a preternatural talent for pugilism
• A beastly warrior whose skill with tooth and claw far exceeds animalistic fury
• A talented gladiator leveraging his deadly talent for cold, hard coin
• A clever duelist keeping the art of the blade alive in the face of progress
• An ancient master whose great wisdom grants supreme control - over himself, and others

This base class expansion features 20 full levels of play and also includes 8 new Unarmed combat feats (two chains with blocking and combo abilities, one for sword-and-fist fighting, and another for fast stance switching)!

This file is layered so you can turn the cover and page frames off when printing.

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Call to Arms
Fantasy Craft
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