Crafty Games Celebrates Those Who Served

This Veterans, Armistice, and Remembrance Day, we at Crafty Games congratulate and humbly thank those courageous men and women who valiantly defend our way of life, here in the United States and in all territories abroad. Without their sacrifice, we wouldn’t enjoy the freedom and security to indulge in this wonderful passion of ours, let alone share our creations with all of you. So let us raise our voices in tribute with a little song — and a big ol’ sale…

Crafty Games’ America*! Hell Yeah!!! Event
Select military-themed titles are 20% off until Monday, leading up to one of our biggest PDF releases yet…

Real American
Recruiting Starts November 16, 2009


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* Or your country of choice. Crafty Games is an equal-opportunity commemorator. Please honor responsibly.