Call to Arms: Gallant

The Call to Arms series brings exciting new classes and other character options to your Fantasy Craft table. This installment presents the Gallant, who trades dank dungeon halls for resplendent castle corridors, and pragmatic survival skills for keen insight into the machinations of high society. Wealthy, handsome, and brave, he fights for honor, land, and title with a vast arsenal of weapons financial, social, and martial. His tools are a keen blade and an equally sharp mind, which he uses to strike down foes and lead less refined teammates to everlasting glory.

Depending on the campaign, a Gallant could be...

  • A samurai warrior, as well versed in courtly intrigue as lethal swordplay
  • An obsessed swordsman dedicated to slaying his father’s killer
  • A cynical chieftain on a mission of political and physical conquest
  • An arrogant noble lashing enemies with a sharp tongue and sharper blade
  • A sworn bodyguard navigating his ward through the dangerous world of “polite” society
  • A righteous gentleman masquerading as a fop by day and a masked vigilante by night

This expert class expansion also includes a new Melee Combat feat chain, detailing the Sword-Circle dueling discipline!

This file is layered so you can turn the cover and page frames off when printing.


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Call to Arms
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