Call to Arms: Infernalist

The Call to Arms series brings exciting new classes and other character options to your Fantasy Craft table. This installment presents the Infernalist, a witch or warlock who barters with evil forces for knowledge, love, and conquest. Driven by dark desires to risk his greatest possession — his immortal soul — the Infernalist seeks nothing short of ultimate arcane power.

Depending on your campaign, an Infernalist could be…

  • A megalomaniacal wizard whose lust for power knows no moral (or mortal) bounds
  • A sorcerer rescued from certain death at the price of eternal damnation
  • An adept seduced by vile forces beyond his understanding
  • A blood-mage tapping the power of death to fuel vile magic
  • A witch consorting with the Devil to wreak terrible revenge on her enemies
  • A tragic figure accepting a Pyrrhic bargain to save his true love

This expert class expansion also includes new Spellcasting feats that let you convert your fallen enemies’ blood into spell points, align and manipulate aligned spells, and revel in the dark supremacy of the Shadow School.

Take Heed! The Infernalist is not for timid players, nor the faint of heart. By taking levels in this class you’re bargaining with malevolent forces of incredible power and risking your character’s long-term safety and security. Demonic blessings always come with a price — in this case permanent penalties representing your character’s gradual slide into oblivion. Along the way, however, he gains access to powers well beyond any other arcane spellcaster, including the Mage.

This file is layered so you can turn the cover and page frames off when printing.

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