Call to Arms: Monster Slayer

The Call to Arms series brings exciting new classes and other character options to your Fantasy Craft table. This installment presents the Monster Slayer, a brave (and perhaps foolhardy) adventurer taking up arms against terrifying creatures subjugating the weak and defenseless.

Depending on your campaign, a Monster Slayer could be...

  • A blessed knight defending his realm against ancient draconic enemies
  • A crazed vigilante, hungry for revenge after a titanic beast destroys his village
  • A grizzled poacher stalking the most dangerous game of all (no, the other most dangerous game of all)
  • An eager young brave hoping to claim a demon’s hide so he can return home a man
  • An enterprising weaponsmith collecting “exotic materials” for his wares — the hard way
  • A boastful champion writing his legend in the blood of slain prey
  • A gentleman hunter coping with the boredom of high society by launching exotic safaris

This expert class expansion also includes new Melee Combat feats capitalizing on the courage and daring of true heroes.

This file is layered so you can turn the cover and page frames off when printing.

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5 pages
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Call to Arms
Fantasy Craft
Alex Flagg, Scott Gearin
Ben McSweeney, Octographics
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