Comprehensive Consultants

Comprehensive Consultants

Introducing A Worldwide Business Service

We are a private consultancy agency for business around the world, with offices in major UK cities, and in British/former-British territories - if you need to know anything, we know our stuff.

The agency has a wide selection of skilled staff to ensure we find the best solution to your business problems.

We have ongoing contracts with major UK corporations, NGOs, local councils, the Regional Assemblies and the UK National Government, as well as ad-hoc work for many other businesses and individuals.

We are more than a consultancy, with specialists in the field who are not afraid to get their hands dirty with your problems.

Our Specialist Departments assist our consultants with research and supplies required by their contracts, like the Boy Scouts we are always prepared, and our agents cope with the unexpected everyday.

About This Game...
This fictional agency is a setting for a table-top role-playing game using Crafty Games Spycraft 2.0 and supplements.

Set, primarily, in the United Kingdom (and former British Territories) this is intended as a generic setting for characters to pursue all manner of mysterious, para-normal and secret investigations.

Almost any kind of story could be envisaged in this 'weird world' not dissimilar to our own; X-Files, Scooby-Doo (but without the snacks), Bugs, Cthulhu (with the snacks), Gothic Horror, Pulp Detective, James Bond, Mission Impossible, etc.

The nine regional and international offices are staffed by a varied selection of employees, any of whom could be deployed on any case in the world. (I intend to publish a growing number of PCs and NPCs for anyone to use in this universe.)

My gaming group have yet to play in this alternative reality, as we are slowly building up background and support material for this rather clever company.

For more information see the company website , or further information as I post it here.

And it's all for free... I love my hobby.