Spell Lists

Fantasy Craft Spells Listed by School


Energy: Blinding Ray, Dancing Lights, Elemental Shield, Fireball (I-II), Fire Storm, Flare, Glow (I-II), Light's Grace, Quake Touch, Scorching Ray, Searing Ray, Shatter, Sunlight (I-II), Wall of Fire, War Cry
Force: Devotion Hammer, Feather Fall, Fly (I-II), Knock, Levitate, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Repelling Wave (I-II), Resilient Sphere (I-II), Shield, Tiny Shelter, Unseen Servent
Weather: Call Lightning (I-II), Chill Storm (I-II), Cone of Cold, Control Weather (I-V), Deadly Draft (I-II), Gust of Wind, Lightening Bolt (I-II), Polar Ray (I-III), Wall of Ice, Wall of Wind, Winter's Domain (I-II)


Compass: Air Walk, Dimension Door, Disintegrate, Expeditious Retreat, Haste, Mass Water Walk, Maze, Phase Door, Slow, Teleport (I-II), Time Stop, Water Walk
Conversion: Earthquake, Keen Edge, Magic Stone, Magic Vestment (I-II), Magic Weapon (I-II), Quench, Shape Stone
Creation: Cloudkill, Conjure Elemental (I-V), Create Water, Heroes' Feast, Move Earth, Move Water, Wall of Stone


Charm: Calm Emotion, Charm Person (I-V), Geas, Hold Person, Insanity (I-III), Sleep, Zone of Truth
Healing: Cure Wounds (I-IV), Heal, Mass Cure Wounds (I-IV), Mas Heal, Neutralize Poison, Regenerate, Restoration (I-II), Touch of Light
Nature: Concealing Countryside (I-II), Entangle, Goodberry, Hold Animal, Natural Attunement, Nature's Ally (I-V), Tree Walk, Verdue


Glory: Color Spray, Divine Favor, Divine Power, Remove Curse (I-III), Shield Other
Seals: Alarm, Glyph of Protection (I-II), Mark of Justice
Warding: Counter Magic (I-III), Endure Elements, Entropic Shield, Protection from (Alignment, Spells), Resist Energy, Sacred Aura, Spell Immunity (I-II), Wall of Counter Magic


Blessing: Bless, Brawn (I-V), Mass Brawn (I), Heroism (I-III), Mass Wit, Prayer, Resurrection (I-III), Wit (I-IV)
Calling: Call from Beyond (I-V)
Foresight: None


Affliction: Bestow Curse, Blinding/Deafness, Finger of Death, Ray of Enfeeblement, Rusting Grasp
Necromancy: Animate Dead (I-V), Death Knell, Death Watch, Dominate Undead (I-II), Harm, Speak with the Dead
Shadow: Cause Wounds (I-IV), Darkness (I-II), Mass Cause Wounds (I-IV), Phantasmal Killer, Scare (I-II), Shadow Walk


Artifice: Anti-Magic Field (I-II), Arcane Lock, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Traps, Identify (I-II), Mantle of the Mundane, Permanency, Repair (I-II)
Divination: Detect Alignment, Detect Emotion, Detect Lies, Detect Magic, Find the Path, Hindsight, Living Library (I-III), Locate Object, Mass Status, Orient Self, Pinpoint, Scrye (I-V), See Invisible, Status, True Seeing, True Strike (I-II)
Word: Align Weapon, Castigate (I-II), Command (I-II), Consecrate, Mage Scribe (I-II), Power Word: Harm, Power Word: Kill, Power Word: Recall, Power Word: Stun, Purge, Read Magic, Righteous Aura, Tongues (I-II), Whispers, Wish (I-III)


Illusion: Blur, Confounding Images, Illusionary Image (I-VI), Mirror Images, Project Presence, Scintillating Pattern
Secrets: Flawless Fib, Invisibility, Mass Invisibility, Magic Aura, Mind Blank, Obscure Object, Pass Without Trace, Silence, Undetectable Alignment
Shapeshifting: Disguise Self, Freedom of Movement, Iron Body, Jump, Water Breathing, Wild Side (I-III)