Fantasy Craft Downloads

Order Cards (hand-deliver orders to your FLGS)

Characters and Character Sheets


Event Fliers

Game Master Tools

  • Fantasy Craft Master Index: A complete Excel index of every Fantasy Craft First Printing product as of September 21, 2009, by Walter Chrisenten
  • Fantasy Craft NPC Builder: An NPC creator website (with added support for Spycraft 2.0) by Martin Owen, and an NPC stat converter program by David Provencher

Iconics (Pre-Gens)


  • Sunchaser Map (Color): A hi-res, full-color re-envisioning of the Sunchaser map (out of the Adventure Companion), prepared by Michal E. Cross


  • Fantasy Craft GM Screen Insert: An attractive four-panel, landscape insert (back only), ready to drop into your preferred custom screen, by Michal E. Cross