The Darkest Hour

The pleasant mountain valley of Fels Cut is about to learn a valuable lesson - nothing stays buried forever.

A crossroads in the Realm, Fels Cut is no stranger to adventure, though it's rarely seen any of its own. Visitors pass through from far and wide, bringing tales of the fantastic and bizarre, yet all is quiet here. Until now. This night, the valley falls to nightmare and by dawn, all will know its name.

The Darkest Hour is a full-length Fantasy Craft adventure for a party of any composition. Sliding DCs and adversaries scale to challenge any level, allowing you to run the adventure for new or veteran characters.

Includes two maps, four handouts, and three all-new adversaries, and layers so you can turn the cover, page frames, handouts, and maps off when printing. Stat sheets are also included so you can quickly and easily prep and run NPCs and monsters.

Product Information
24 pages
PDF release
Fantasy Craft
Loren Dean
Loren Dean, Jeff Preston, Lee Smith
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