Throwdown Basics: Fire Dragon Style (Dragon Punch) + Ki Blast
Throwdown Mastery: Fire Dragon Style (Burning Dragon) + Hurricane Kick
Throwdown Supremacy: Fire Dragon Style (Dragon Geyser) + Chained Dragons

Throwdown Basics: One Soul Style (Ki Blast) + Dragon Punch
Throwdown Mastery: One Soul Style (Fiery Blast) + Hurricane Kick
Throwdown Supremacy: One Soul Style (Ki Fury) + Vortex Kick

Throwdown Basics: Tiger Warrior Style (Tiger Knee) + Ki Blast
Throwdown Mastery: Tiger Warrior Style (Tiger Uppercut) + Whip Kick
Throwdown Supremacy: Tiger Warrior Style (Tiger Genocide) + Dragon Geyser

Throwdown Basics
You've begun the path to ultimate mastery of the martial arts!
Prerequisites: Special Character only.
Benefit: Choose a Fighting Style (see page XX). You gain the first move of that style. You also gain the first move of any other Fighting Style.

Throwdown Mastery
Your diverse array of moves has made you a worthy contender in the fighting arena.
Prerequisites: Throwdown Basics.
Benefit: You gain the second move of your chosen Fighting Style. You also gain the first move of any other Fighting Style.

Throwdown Supremacy
Attack me if you dare. I will crush you!
Prerequisites: Throwdown Mastery.
Benefit: You gain the final move of your chosen Fighting Style. You also gain the final move of any other Fighting Style.

Fighting Styles
Dancing Dragon Style: Dragon fist, double dragon, chained dragon
Fire Dragon Style: Dragon punch, burning dragon, dragon geyser
One Soul Style: Ki blast, fiery blast, ki fury
Tiger Warrior Style: Tiger Knee, Tiger Uppercut, Tiger Genocide
Turning Winds Style: Hurricane kick, whirlpool kick, vortex kick

Chain Moves
These powerful moves are made up of a quick sequence of other moves, honed to perfection so that they flow one inot the next without hesitation. When you perform a chain move, make each of the indicated attacks in order, ignoringe the Edge cost and Time of the individual attacks in the chain. Even if you miss with any part of the chain you may keep going until the chain is complete.

Attack            Edge   Time   Damage   Threat   Range   H        Qualities
Unarmed Attacks
Burning dragon    3   Half   1d12 fire      19-20      —      1h     Fortress, stride 1
Chained dragon   5   Half   1d12 lethal   19-20      —      1h     Stride 3, triple hit
Double dragon    3   Half   1d12 lethal      20        —      2h     Double hit, stride 1
Dragon geyser    5   Full   2d12 fire       18-20      —      1h     AP 5, double hit, fortress
Dragon fist        2   Half   1d10 lethal      20        —      1h     Stagger
Dragon punch     2   Half   1d12 lethal      20        —      1h     Fortress
Hurricane kick     2   Half   1d8 lethal       20        —      —      Double hit, stride 2
Tiger Knee          1   Half   1d6 lethal      20         —      —     Stagger
Tiger Uppercut    3   Half   3d6 lethal   19-20        —      1h    Fortress
Vortex kick         5   Full   1d8 lethal     19-20      —      —     Full circle, stride 2, triple hit
Whirlpool kick      3   Half   1d8 lethal       20        —      —     Double hit, stride 2, sweep
Ranged Attacks
Fiery blast          3   Half   2d6 fire          20     15ft. × 3   2h   —
Ki blast              2   Half   2d6 lethal       20     10ft. × 4   2h   —
Ki fury               5   Half   2d8 lethal   19-20     20 ft × 2   2h   AP 2, triple hit
Chain Attacks
Tiger Genocide    4   Full   Chain: Tiger Knee, Tiger Knee, Tiger Uppercut

Weapon Qualities
Fortress: If an opponent has moved into a square adjacent to you since your last initiative count, you gain a +2 bonus to your attack check and damage roll against that opponent.
Full Circle: This attack affects all opponents adjacent to you. Make only one attack check and compare it to each target's defense separately.
Plus: Perform the indicated move after completing this attack. You ignore the Edge cost and Time of the plus move.
Stagger: The target is also slowed for 1 round.
Stride: You may move this number of squares before making the attack.
Sweep: The target is also sprawled.
Double Hit: If the attack succeeds by 4 or more, you inflict damage twice.
Triple Hit: If the attack succeeds by 4 or more, you inflict damage twice. If the attack succeeds by 10 or more, you inflict damage three times.



"Though, I have to say, I think your primary fighting style should mean a little more than it does now... Ironically, the second move in a powerset is the hardest to get because the way the feats are structured. That seems kinda odd to me..."

That is part of what makes primary style so important. Odd as it seems, I've mapped almost 50 video game fighting characters to this system and it holds up beautifully. The middle tier moves do tend to be the most unique, because generally each character has a body of power moves that gets mix-and-matched across a number of characters (the 3 first moves) and two great big super-duper moves that also tend to boil down to a very common body of effects (there are around a dozen "Rampage"-style final moves that involve hitting a target 4-15 times and ending with the power move at the root of that style), but nestled in the middle range in terms of power is a single move that is an upgraded version of one of the basic set that only shows up on one character. Out of all the shotokan clan, Ken's the only one that has dragon punch that covers twice the distance of a normal one and engulfs his hand in flame and is NOT a big, flashy, power-bar eating stunt.