6. Gear

A character my only receive 1 retrogen-treatment. Treatments must be taken as Chrome gear pick. Once a treatment is started you may not stop the treatment (one of your chrome picks is permanently committed to the procedure), but you may choose to shift to a higher or lower caliber treatment of that type each time you gain a level. The procedure raises and lowers the pair of attributes depending on the caliber of the pick used. Calibers listed are for near future settings (1/2/4). The caliber of treatments is increased by 2 in most modern settings (3/4/Prize). In far future settings characters may select retrogen treatments with Possession picks and may abandon their treatments (or switch to a new treatment) each time they gain a level.

Treatment types:
Grace-coding: Dex/Str
Gilding-structure: Cha/Wis
Intellect-rewrite: Int/Cha
Muscle mass-boost: Str/Con
Nerve-augment: Wis/Int
Tissue density-enhancement: Con/Dex

Caliber I
Retrogen-treatment (+2/-2)
Caliber II
Retrogen-treatment (+2/-1)
Caliber IV
Retrogen-treatment (+3/-1)


New Gear Feats

You have had better luck than most with hand-me-down genes.
Prerequisites: Candidate feat, Far Future campaign quality.
Benefit: You may benefit from up to 2 retro-gen treatments simultaneously. Further, the caliber of pick required for you to receive these treatments is each decreased by 1 (minimum I).