Expert Class: The Sweeper

The Sweeper


Many organization (and nations) in the Human Expanse maintain cadres of professional enforcers, dedicated to preserving the prominence and power of their sponsors. These sweepers are both investigator and executioner, entrusted with the maintenance of their organization's image.

      Abilities: Dexterity and Wisdom are key for the sweeper, allowing him to root out opposition while avoiding harm in the conflicts his investigations almost invariably trigger.

      Vitality: 1d12 plus Constitution modifier per level.

      Base Attack Bonus: +3 or higher.
      Wisdom: 15+
      Feats: CQB Basics.

Class Skills
The sweeper’s class skills and the key abilities are Acrobatics, Bureaucracy, Intimidate, Investigate, Notice, Profession, Resolve, Search, and Sense Motive.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Intelligence modifier.

Core Ability
Split Shot: Whenever you spend one or more action dice to increase an attack check or damage roll, the same bonus is added to your next roll of that type that round as long as it is made against a different opponent.

Class Abilities
      Hard Sweep: The sweeper is both enforcer and investigator, finding the clues he needs through threats, intuition and a keen awareness of his surrounding honed in combat. At Level 1, you gain a virtual basic skill feat named ‘Hard Sweep’. This feat grants a +2 insight bonus to all Intimidate, Search, and Sense Motive checks, and increases your base threat range with these skills to 19–20.
      At 5th level, you gain the Advanced Skill Mastery feat for your Hard Sweep feat.
      At 9th level, you gain the Grand Skill Mastery feat for your Hard Sweep feat.
      Deathdealer I: At Level 2, you gain the Cleave Basics feat. You may also apply the benefits of this feat to your ranged attacks made with 1-handed weapons.
      Deathdealer II: At Level 7, you gain the Cleave Mastery feat. You may also apply the benefits of this feat to your ranged attacks made with 1-handed weapons.
      Predictive Awareness I: At Level 3, each time you succeed with an anticipate action, the benefits apply against all opponents with a base attack bonus equal to or lower than the character you targeted. Further, your anticipate actions no longer have the vision tag.
      Predictive Awareness II: At level 7, once per round you may take an anticipate action as a free action and you may never suffer a critical failure when making anticipate actions.
      Gun-Fu I: At Level 4, when you successfully disarm an adjacent opponent of a firearm, you may ready the weapon yourself. Further, you may make a final attack against the same opponent as a free action, using the disarmed weapon. Finally, you may pick up and ready any firearm within 5 ft. as a free action.
      Uncanny Dodge I: Your senses are unnaturally sharp, allowing you to react to danger far faster than others. At Level 4, you retain your Dexterity bonus to Defense (if any) even when flat-footed or being attacked by an invisible adversary (though you still lose your Dexterity bonus to Defense when held).
      Uncanny Dodge II: At Level 8, you never become flanked.
      Integrated Awareness: At Level 6, your Dexterity and Wisdom rise by 1.
      Penetrating Awareness: At Level 8, each time you make a Sense Motive check, you roll twice and keep the result you prefer.
      Uncompromising Victory: At Level 10th level, there is a 50% chance that any successful attack on you by an opponent with a career level equal to or lower than the mission threat level instead misses.

Table 1: The Sweeper
Lvl BAB   Fort  Ref   Will  Def   Init  Wealth  Gear      Abilities
1     +1    +0    +1    +0    +2    +2    0       1W          Hard Sweep (Basic), split fire
2     +2    +0    +2    +0    +3    +3    0       1W          Deathdealer I
3     +3    +1    +2    +1    +3    +4    1       1W,1R      Predictive awareness I
4     +4    +1    +2    +1    +4    +5    1       1W,1R      Gun-fu I, uncanny dodge I
5     +5    +1    +3    +1    +5    +5    1       2W,1R      Hard Sweep (Advanced)
6     +6    +2    +3    +2    +6    +6    2       2W,1R,1V  Integrated awareness
7     +7    +2    +4    +2    +6    +7    2       2W,1R,1V  Deathdealer II, predictive awareness II
8     +8    +2    +4    +2    +7    +8    2       2W,2R,1V  Penetrating awareness, uncanny dodge II
9     +9    +3    +4    +3    +8    +9    3       2W,2R,1V  Hard Sweep (Grand)
10   +10   +3    +5    +3    +9    +10  3       3W,2R,1V  Uncompromising victory