Class Preview (circa 2009)

The Captain


A master of both strategy and motivation, the Captain guides his party through the tides of war, setting a course for victory in even the roughest sea.

      Party Role: Backer/Combatant. You’re a powerful ‘force multiplier,’ providing party-wide benefits tailored to the situation at hand. While not a focused combatant, you have no trouble leading the charge and engaging the enemy directly.

     Favored Attributes: Charisma, Strength, Wisdom
     Class Skills: Athletics, Impress, Intimidate, Medicine, Notice, Resolve, Ride, Sense Motive, Survival, Tactics. (Spycraft: Athletics, Bureaucracy, Drive, Impress, Intimidate, Medicine, Networking, Notice, Profession, Resolve, Survival, and Tactics.)
     Skill Points: 6 + Int modifier per level
     Vitality: 9 + Con modifier per level (Spycraft: 1d10 + Con modifier per level.)
     Starting Proficiencies: 4

     Cadre: Your leadership inspires your team to excellence. Once per scene as a free action, you may temporarily grant your teammates 1 of your Basic Combat feats until the end of the scene.

     Right-Hand Man: At Level 1, you gain the Personal Lieutenant feat. Your Basic Combat feats count as Style feats when determining your lieutenant’s XP value even if the feat is gained elsewhere. (Spycraft: Further, your personal lieutenant’s level is always equal to one-half your career level rounded up.)
     Master and Commander I: You’ve proven your worth on the front line and in the seat of command. At Level 2, you gain 1 additional Terrain feat and your maximum Tactics rank increases to your Career Level + 6.
     Battle Planning I: At Level 3, you gain 2 of the following battle plans. You may begin each combat with 1 battle plan already in effect and may enact a new one as a full action. Each plan’s benefits last until the end of the current combat or until you enact a different battle plan. A battle plan grants you and each teammate who can see or hear you a +2 morale bonus with the following rolls and values.

     • Crush Them!: Melee and unarmed attack checks
     • Fire at Will!: Ranged attack checks
     • Guard Yourselves!: Defense
     • I Want Them Alive!: Subdual damage rolls
     • No Prisoners!: Lethal damage rolls
     • Press On!: Base Speed (morale bonus × 5 ft.)
     • Stand Fast!: Vitality (morale bonus × target’s Career Level)
     • Steady Now!: Saves

     Take Command I: At Level 4, you may choose 1 specific mount or vehicle at the start of each adventure. It gains a +1 bonus to Defense and Damage saves and you gain the same bonus with Ride checks to control it, as well as Crafting or Medicine checks to repair or heal it. You may choose a new mount or vehicle during an adventure by spending 1 day practicing with a new one. (Spycraft: Vehicle Familiarity I)

     Allure: A great leader must also command respect and trust. At Level 5, your Charisma score rises by 1.
     Art of War: At Level 6, you gain 1 temporary Basic Combat feat at the start of each adventure until the adventure’s end.

Table 1.7: The Captain
Lvl BAB Fort Ref Will  Def  Init Lifestyle Legend Special
1     +0   +1   +0   +2   +0   +1     +1         +1     Cadre, right-hand man
2     +1   +2   +0   +3   +1   +1     +2         +2     Master and commander I
3     +2   +2   +1   +3   +1   +2     +2         +3     Battle planning I
4     +3   +2   +1   +4   +2   +2     +2         +3     Take command +1
5     +3   +3   +1   +4   +2   +3     +3         +4     Allure +1
6     +4   +3   +2   +5   +2   +4     +3         +5     Art of war (1 feat)