Further down and short on clips.

Well, the TJ consulate was not as dirty as I first assumed it to be. Some very suspicious-looking crate drops over the golf course, just behind the consulate, AT night, notwithstanding. Let's hope our pointers help your people get those two aides hot-handed and stop that from ocurring... at least until the next consul settles in and brings along his new team.

Yes, I'm a cynic and I really don't like double-speech; especially the one coming from your country's "czars". Still, your consul was more than willing to point these guys here in Guadalajara to us. I just wish you didn't go "yes sir, we are headed down there on a red hummer with a pink flag, surfboards on top, dressed as dopeheads." Come to think of it, that and a pair of sombreros could have made us less conspicous. Look, I know that being in a foreign land, you feel the need to trust your nationals... When it comes to those in Mexico, inside U.S. diplomatic missions, next time please trust me not to trust them so much, alright?

Let's see, we are still outnumbered, obviously outgunned and soon to be outflanked if we stay here any longer. My trainer at Langley... yes, Langley. There are exchange programs, did you know? The craziest thing, I tell you! Maaan... no wonder we are stuck in this situation. Someone wants the A-lister, that'll be you even ig I have trouble believing it, to bite it so they can have a n excuse to come in, in force, unsanctioned. So, it's obvious that by now they are already making their bags and getting ready... But for what? Who are they hunting?

Anyway, the Langley guy told me that when an operative was outnumbered, calling for backup was option one. If none was available, then falling back was option number two. Number three, he was not so keen on as it was hard to keep a steady hand during high-stress situation, and make every shot count. Add limited ammo clips and I'm sure Option Four is the code name for "blow your own brains out", my friend. So, we are just a couple of minutes of being in the worst case scenario. We are on the 15th. floor, inside a hotel suite, next to us is a... dead man we were supposed to contact, but he's no longer part of our show... next to us is a balcony and in front of said spot, a 6-story building some... 15 meters away... So jumping from the balcony in hopes of making it to the rooftop is utter stupidity. On the other side of the room, you gotta love this corner suites, we have a massive window overlooking the pool area and the entrance to the golf course. The pool is some 35 meters from the base of the building we are in. Great, it might be just what we need. Get the bed linen, fold it on half and tie the two twin-corners to your legs just above your knees, real tight.

Hold the other two corners in your hands and close to your chest and run like hell. Just short of the window, jump as far as you can. The moment you are out the window, spread both legs and arms, and don't let go until you... how much you weight? Hmm, 220 pounds should be a 100 kilos... hold the linen until you count to 8, then let go. That should reduce your falling velocity and cut you enough slack just before you splash on the pool. It's going to be hard, so as soon as you let go of the cloth, try go into a "ball"... you know a "splashboom" or whatever you guys call that. That should break the fall. Get out of the pool and into the golf course, run in a straight line until you reach the outer wall. I'll be there with a car, hop in as soon as you see me.

Me? I'm lithe and still dressed as hotel staff, I'm going down the laundry chute. Unconventional way to get to the floor level, but hey, I was just checking after someone reported a block. And that puts me near the parking lot, too.

So, fetch me that chair, grab that other one and thow it towards the window on... three. Alright, the window's out of the way, now run!

See you on the other side of the wall, gringo.